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You have no doubt heard the adage ‘Work smarter not harder’. And, most of us thought, Yea Riiiight. After all, our culture rewards effort, accountability measurements, and loyalty. Often loyalty in corporate culture is translated as pulling long hours, and giving off a ‘hard working employee’ vibe. If you are self-employed, the work week never ends. I bet you even dream about your business.

‘Work Smarter not Harder’ has finally gained clout now to some hard statistical evidence. A recent WSJ article titled ‘How to Succeed in Business? Do Less’ turns the overworked = success mentality on it’s head. It turns out that those most successful in business do two things. You may recall an earlier blog I wrote, where I outlined the tenants of success. One of the cornerstones of success I mentioned is the art of focus. Focus is imperative for creating quality outcomes. Now, from the study we learn that focusing on prioritizing is the winning combination. Learning what to focus on and when not only translates to success, it is efficient, less time consuming, and you finish early.

The art of prioritizing takes a few new skills. Learn the nuances of fettering out tasks that are time sensitive and that offer best results. Meeting with Katie is always fun, but making a meeting with a new prospect might bear more fruit. Instead of squeezing both in one day, pick the one that matters most in terms of productivity.

Another skill needed is organization. Some of us are excellent organizers, others not so much. Once an organizational system is implemented however, maintaining it is relatively easy as long as consistent effort is applied.

Frankly, I like the idea of using discernment as an efficiency tool. Scrutinize your motivations for how you plan your day, and you may just add more daylight into your week.

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