Here are the Top Reasons Small Businesses and Owners Succeed

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I have been in the presence of so many start-ups in my 14 years as a Publicist and Marketing Consultant, and this is what I have not only observed up close and personal, I have lived it through my own fledgling start-up. As I recently realized that I can accurately determine whether that hopeful face across the desk from me will be a success or meet their demise early on, I want to share with you my observations.

Top Reasons for Success

1. All In: 
The business professional doesn’t spend precious time (a valuable resource) on ‘What-If’s‘. He/she puts high octane energy into the business plan. They have done their homework, sought out professional advice, and surround themselves with mentors. They are experts in their field and continuously commit to learning more. Their work ethic is impeccable and they are naturally curious. Their body is the instrument that must be fine tuned to show up everyday and the commitment to healthy practices is strong. They have done some personal work and are not using the business as an ax to grind or a platform to right wrongs against them.

2. Focus:
They focus on the elemental issues of running a business. They are razor sharp in defining their goals and have a plan to execute those goals. They know they will not be able to sustain growth and success without a team. They are ‘people smart’ and choose critical thinking and disciplined people to help. They have a co-creator mentality and do not rule with a top down model that eventually causes resentment and rebellion, or apathy. They allow and entertain other’s ideas without intimidation or egoistic maneuvers. They take responsibility and are free from blame and victim thinking.

3. Re-Direct
They realize that in business, sails will need adjusting to deal with the blowing winds of change. Rather than getting stuck in ‘either/or’ thinking, they entertain possibilities and alternatives. If they run short of time on meeting their goals, they readjust their timeline, and adjust their strategies. Creativity is the fuel for success. Instead of asking ‘Why is this happening?‘, they ask ‘What are the various solutions and strategies to change course?‘.

4. Free from Fear
They know that fear is a dream killer. They stand in the unwavering power that their journey will be filled with small increments of highs and lows, and they stand steady at the helm. Their ego is not tied to ‘winning’, rather their hopes are pinned on the experience that is colored by their daily application of the integrity and values they integrate into their mission statement–which is played out through day by day actions and interactions.

You see, business growth is a personal journey. As a business owner you will be humbled to discover your weaknesses, and learn to overcome them. You will find your shadow, and integrate who you are and are becoming into wholeness. You will discover your human frailties and ego attachments, and endeavor to step above the small mind. Unless you do, your business will stay in infantile stages kicking and screaming for growth.

You are the Phoenix Rising. This business is your own personal Hero Journey. The outcome is not the litmus test of your success.  True success lies in your steady hand, loving attention to the details of your business, and the mission of helping others through your businesses services and products.

Long ago, when I started Inspired Media Communications, I named it to reflect my desire to assist business owners inspire others through their products, services, and messaging. I was green and hopeful. I judged every small failure as a personal attack against my being. I had to learn the humble lessons of detachment, how to have faith against the evidence pointing otherwise, and lose my attachments to winning. The true tests of my character have come in the dark and difficult times, not the serene islands of success. Inspired Media won a PR award in 2017. It was an unsolicited surprise, and with it came a sort of peace. Winning something is a validation that you are still in. All in. Focused. Committed. Free.

For business coaching and consulting, contact Diane at info@inspiredmc.com

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