The Flip Side of Focus

Written by on April 19, 2018 in blog

Most entrepreneurs tout the virtues of focus. Focus on the goal. Focus on the prize. I agree that focusing on what you want creates a strong energy that assists in pulling in that which you want. It helps you stay on track. But there is something else that happens when you focus.

There is a dark side lurking in the recesses of your psyche. The shadow side of focus is fear.

Here is how it plays out in real time.

You are on the way to a sales meeting. You want, hope, and need to make this sale. Getting the contract is the outcome you envision. Your promotion rides on it. You start to think about the good things that will come if you make this sale: more money, enough money even to upgrade your auto, and a nod from your boss will give you the upper edge and perhaps more job security. You have a great attitude. You are thinking positive. But, halfway there, your thoughts start to slide. This strong focus on what you want has created a brain train derailment. Now you start to think this:

What if I don’t get this sale? If I don’t get this sale, I won’t be able to pay that bill that is overdue. The last sales meeting didn’t go so well. But, I really need this sale. And now you are seeing the shadow side of focus. By focusing on what you want with such intensity, fear kicks in. The wanting of it creates a new focus on Not Having It. Now you are circling the lot for a parking place, and it is impossible to flip your attitude back to the original positive focus that you need for confidence.

Instead of focus, allow. Allowing offers confidence that you have done your work. You are allowing the outcome to be in your favor. You are allowing a win-win between you and your sales prospect. Allow him to know the benefits of what you have to offer. Instead of trying to convince him that you are stellar in your performance, allow him the opportunity to learn what you can do to help him, and what great service he will receive.

Your mind is like a muscle. Discipline your thoughts to serve you with strength and consistency. If the words you use in a presentation don’t match your thoughts and beliefs, you are sending mixed messages. This incongruent wobble creates mistrust. When you understand that every thought you have is leaked into nonverbal cues and shows up in your body language, the motivation will be high to use the training and discipline of a body builder in allowing the thoughts in that serve your goals best. And, let go of the rest. Allow.

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