Prosperity for the Purpose of Philanthropy in 2018

 2017 taught me two things:

  • To thrive, businesses must grow increasingly skillful in the use of social media
  • More successful businesses will choose to do Good while doing Well.

This double-pronged focus is the foundation of a new business model that I have created for Inspired Media Communications, LLC.

Social Media: Customized Blogs

I am offering clients and colleagues customized & branded monthly blogs that will have important features such as key word integration, valuable content, and graphic art. Your blogs will be available for upload to your website and social media sites. As a bonus, they will go out to all of my thousands of followers and contacts on the social media platforms we have cultivated, grown, and continue to grow for over a decade. Your additional bonus is that the blog I write for you will have the services of a publicist, endorsed through my social media outlets.

The price is $100 a month.

I believe that prosperity is much more likely when tied to core values and when we collaborate and co-create with one another. To support this goal, I have decided to utilize writing—one of my strongest gifts and skills—by adding blogging to my other services.

Those of you who know me well are aware that I am a skilled business writer.* Today’s media has changed, making writing even more important to your overall business growth. Traditional media has been replaced with online magazines, media outlets, and social media. And digital advertising can be unaffordable to most small to mid-range companies.

Inspired Media, has accumulated 20K social media contacts, followers and friends in our database, which continues to grow daily using our automated social media tools. We spend hours cultivating and growing them (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram). 

My personal goal is to serve 50 companies, individuals, organizations, or nonprofits with this product and help them grow their business by assisting them to reach new clients and customers. In return, I will donate 20% from this work to reputable organizations that serve women and children in need.

Helping our community is a team effort. So what better way to come up with strategies that help reach and serve business goals while making a difference in the lives of those in need?

I hope you have the best 2018 ever. Let me know if you would like to set up a meeting to sign up for a personalized blog. Together, let’s make the New Year a memorable one where we not only meet our goals, but we also reach and achieve prosperity and philanthropic achievements beyond our wildest dreams.


PS: Please ask me about the philanthropic organizations I am aligning with.

*I was one of the first columnists for the Portland Tribune after writing for the West Linn Tidings, Daily Astorian, the Oregonian, Boom Magazine and other local and regional newspapers. I have been published in local, regional, and national publications.

 *My blogs and press releases have been noticed by Huff Post, USA Today, NY Magazine, Portland Business Journal and numerous other prestigious muti-media outlets.

I have written for Doctors, Attorneys, Financial Planners, Scientists, Authors, Psychiatrists, Aestheticians, Philosophers, Nonprofit Organizations, and businesses featuring product lines.

The producers of ABC affiliate AM/Northwest noticed my columns for the Portland Tribune, leading to monthly appearances on TV—an invaluable branding tool for building a larger audience. This led to a job as a producer and host of my radio show on several prominent broadcast radio stations. All of this and more is possible for each of you with consistent and quality content.

What We Offer

Inspired Media Communications offers a wide range of services. We also have created creative alliances for ancillary services for your convenience and “one stop shopping”.

Inspired Media Communication Services:

  • Press Releases
  • PR Campaigns
  • Event Planning
  • Branding
  • Niche-Marketing
  • Educational Services to Employees
  • Multi-Media Exposure
  • Print Articles
  • Collateral Materials
  • Company Concepts, Mission, Value Statements
  • Professional Writing
  • Radio, TV Script Writing
  • Multi-Media Materials


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