Hire A Certified Trainer For Your Business and Organization

Hire A Certified Trainer For Your Business and Organization

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Diane Dennis holds a certification in Training and Development from Marylhurst University.

Diane is a certified trainer and TED* Practitioner. TED* is the Empowerment Dynamic and offers an antidote to the Drama Triangle.

    Businesses, organizations and individuals who hire Diane for a TED* workshop will learn:

  • Mental Operating Systems
  • The Drama Triangle: Victim, Rescuer, Prosecutor
  • The Empowerment Dynamic: Creator, Coach, Challenger
  • Goal Setting Models with Sustainable Outcomes
  • Renewed passion for their work by learning the art of coaching and developing powerful working relationships
  • Less Drama and more Empowerment in the workplace
  • Create activated and empowered clients/patients/customers through using coaching questions and challenging them to embrace health empowerment
  • Create a common language among team members so they recognize their roles when triggered by drama and stress

Diane brings her expertise and education in:
Business, Communication and Personal Coaching
Training and Development
Degree in Nursing (R.N.)

Fees for ½ day and full day workshops available upon request.
Contact Diane Dennis at:
503-678-1356 or 503-329-4314


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