Holistic Marketing

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Holistic Marketing

Running a small business can be a roller coaster ride with dizzying ups and downs. I have found, after over fourteen years as an award winning publicist for Inspired Media Communications that business owners who focus on daily sales, or daily number of clients seen, or any other metric used to monitor daily activity can drive their blood pressure into orbit. And, that is when fear and despair can set in.

I know this. I have a medical degree in nursing, and have seen firsthand the ravages of stress. Stress is caused from fear. To turn fear into confidence I provide the 3 pillars of marketing: Consistency, Congruency, and Skilled Strategies using platforms that provide R.O.I. Heard it all before? Yep, I know, so instead of using your head to analyze what any marketing’s fast talking guy is yammering on about, drop your energy down to your heart space and listen in a fresh way.

I believe we are all creators, not victims of our circumstances. Our experiences are leading us to better things. Your history helps shape your own unique brand. Just as I believe in holistic medicine, I am a believer in holistic marketing. Organic growth, dogged tenacity, creative solutions, focused focus, and TLC thrown in for overall good business health. My prescription includes a large dose of authentic branding, which will create loyal customers. I keep a pulse on your metrics.

Although it is difficult in today’s fast paced and ever changing business climate, keeping a solid vision in place while implementing strategic focus daily will pay off.

Here are some of the things I have found people do that do not help their growth:

  • Putting marketing and social media last on the to-do list. It resembles going to the gym. If it is not a priority, it usually doesn’t happen.
  • Assigning social media and marketing to someone with a full time position in the business. Again, they will try to squeeze it in, won’t be able to make it a priority, and it ends up looking like a rushed after-thought.
  • Focusing on only marketing strategy for short term, until it doesn’t work, then trying something else. At the end of the year, much money has been spent without a good measurable ROI.
  • Hiring someone for marketing that has no prior experience in your field.
  • Thinking short term. Three months is short term. ROI takes consistency, focus, and time for plans to work.

Here are some things I have found people do that work:

  • Educate about the pillars of marketing as it relates to your target demographic.
  • Have someone who is excellent at branding. Branding and taglines that are authentic and speak to your own unique business sticks in people’s memory.
  • Keep up on social media trends and changes. This is an ever changing ‘wild west’ world of networking and online moving targets.
  • Know your target demographic inside and out. Who are they, what are their hobbies, what do they spend money on, what are their values, are questions to research before you spend money on target marketing.
  • Hire a PR/Marketing firm that has a track record, that will work within your budget, and that ‘gets you’.

A little about our firm: We come well trained, are independent thinkers, think outside the box, are creative and even tempered. We make it easier for you. We are Inspired Media Communications, here to be the bridge between your business and success.

Contact us for a free 15 minute consultation from President Diane Dennis!

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