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If you have been in business for any length of time, you have read countless books, attended numerous seminars and workshops on the merits of developing a quality team. Advice usually runs the gamut from teaching how to inspire and motivate a team, to making sure all members have been schooled on the company’s core values and mission statement.

But for the small business owner, SoloPreneur, author and the artist, budgets most often do not have room for teams, or departments. So the small business entrepreneur rolls up his or her sleeves and becomes a ‘jack of all trades’. This DIY approach to running a business will at some point cause problems, whether it is from growing pains, general burnout, or dropping the ball on key aspects of the business. It is exhausting after the high wears off of being the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker.

“Collaboration can’t be bought. No tool or app will solve your collaboration problems ‘out of the box’. It has to be part of the culture, something emotionally intelligent leaders understand intrinsically. They hire smart, life-long learners, and invest in creating an environment where they can thrive,” Dom Price, Inc. Magazine

I have worked with a few ‘die hard’ DIY’s and I can offer some advice for those of you who fit this description. And, if you are not the DIY’er, you may be working with one, so hopefully these tips will help you navigate the testy waters.

  • The fine art of delegating takes trust. Build a trustworthy team
  • Collaboration is key to successful teamwork, and fosters creativity
  • Learn deep listening skills.

When hiring consultants, make sure to include them in updates and new developments, have regular meetings, set goals together and have clear benchmarks. These guidelines help prevent mismatched expectations.

Business ownership is a journey. Measure yourself by where you are today, not where you stumbled yesterday. You will discover your tender spots, your triggers, your frailties, and become acquainted with your fears. Mining the buried field of deep-seated fears allows for release and growth. Surround yourself with mentors, coaches, and people who believe in you. Most of all learn to believe in and trust yourself.

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