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Authors have high hopes that the project-of-a-lifetime book they have written will be received with positive anticipation, applause, and accolades and that readers will flock to buy the book, and that the media will begin flooding them with requests for interviews.

And, when that does not happen magically, deflation and depression sets in. After all writing a book is not only a labor of love and inspiration, it is a job! Toiling in front of the lonely computer, catching writer’s block, having doubts, and coming up with worst-case-scenario fears crowd an author’s head, clouding his or her creativity and highest hopes.

As the publicist that many authors call for help, I have some serious, real talk advice to all of you wanting to shift into the marketing phase of your book writing career. You can call me ‘lecture lady’ to the author.

Your expectations run high. And, all too often expectations are unrealistic for a few key reasons. Here it is, laid out:
While there is a feeling of elation that the book is finally finished, followed by hungry anticipation to see how well it is received, remember that time is on your side. The lingering myth is that once a book is out a year, it is yesterday’s news. That is no longer true. A good book, followed up with a good marketing plan, can have generations of life. The caveat is the type of book that will become dated because the topic relates to a specific time, or a specific event that might lose its relevancy.

My advice is to know that you have written the best book you can. Get ready to publicize your book, and know your limitations. If you are not social media savvy, or are not confident that you can market yourself effectively (probably the most difficult thing for people to do is create publicity for themselves-even publicists fall into this category!) call an expert. At Inspired Media we excel at marketing and publicizing nonfiction books. Because of our extensive tools and strategies to develop authors to become experts in their field, a nonfiction book becomes the prop to the star we are developing-You!

Your book is your calling card, and an entry into places others are not invited, like speaking venues, and conference workshops, and talks at organizations. So, know your topic inside and out so that when you are ready to call us you have the skills to give advice on your topic. Get ready by taking public speaking courses. Because, when you are prepared to launch, and fully equipped with multi-media skills, you will soar. We offer multi-media coaching services to prepare you for your own greatness!

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